Shelter 209, the SVT and HaZira present:
24.10 — 2.11
Tel Aviv, Arad, Jerusalem

Autonomy and Co. 

Tel Aviv-Arad-Jerusalem

24 October-2 November 2019


About Nomadic School


Nomadic School was established as a cooperative and experimental platform for research into the mutual relationships between art, performance and pedagogy. It functions as a temporary community, a community in movement, making connections, shows, performances, populating the spaces in between, going on trips, reading together, examining the ways we work, think and study together. In its third edition, the school roams around and through the 10 festival days of The Gathering, visiting the projects, artists, shows, lectures, and involving itself in the life of the festival.

Nomadic School is a project of Silvia Bottiroli (Santacangelo, DasArts) and Guy Gutman (School of Visual Theatre). This year it takes place as a joint venture of Miklat 209 (Shelter 209), the School of Visual Theatre and Hazira Interdisciplinary Theatre.


Autonomy and Co.

The third edition of Nomadic School seeks to initiate renewed consideration of the elusive and multifaceted concept of autonomy in contemporary practice and discourse.

Whether as an unfulfilled aspiration, or as a vague memory of a bygone era, the question of autonomy – of the artist, of art, of the viewer, of the citizen – resonates in every aspect of contemporary life, from the alt-right’s burgeoning power in the political field to the technological development of self-driving cars.

Nomadic School/”Autonomy and Co.” is then an invitation to navigate these powers and oppositions, using them as motivations and incentives to action and creativity.


Teaching staff of the school: Maya Levy, Guy Gutman, Amit Drori, Menahem Goldenberg, Tamar Raban, Ernesto Levy, Benny Kouri, Kinneret Max, Ensemble 209.

Focuser and producer of the school: Noam Alon

Schools participating in the project

Utrecht School of the Arts, Utrecht, Holland

Haute école des arts du Rhin – HEAR, Strasbourg, France

The Academy of Performing Arts – DAMU, Prague, Czech Republic