Shelter 209, the SVT and HaZira present:

The Gathering is an international performance event that connects three festivals, three cities, and ten days of live and contemporary art.

It was born from an artistic, intellectual, and physical art movement relating to intimacy and attachment. Within a complex political reality that involves reduction and division, The Gathering festival aspires for expansion and a union of forces.  

The collaboration of the various parties – The School of Visual Theater, Hazira, and Miklat 209 produces a new, cooperative, and rich artistic space for an art scene that is increasingly growing and expanding – for artists, researchers, teachers, audiences, and communities in Israel and abroad.

Hence, The Gathering performance festival is a collective action. It is a moment of climax and consolidation just as the autumn begins, creating new possibilities and opportunities to withdraw, observe, pause, belong, or become separate – and feel at home at several places at the same time.